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Getting Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning doesn’t involve removing only the dust and other particles from your carpet, rather these companies also offer latest and innovative services to satisfy their customers. Mentioned below are some of these additional carpet cleaning services that you can avail at a reasonable cost.

Stain Guards

One of the popular additional services that you can avail through professional carpet cleaning companies is the application of stain guards. This includes the use of nanotechnology for applying a protective layer over individual fiber of your carpet. It prevents the dirt and stains from attaching to the fibers of your carpet and keeping them clean for a longer period.


The pre-treatment process is administered for the carpets, which are going to be cleaned for the first time. During this procedure, the carpet is soaked in natural cleansers without any additional chemicals. It removes surface dirt and provides essential protection to the fibers from the effects of chemicals, which will be used at a later stage.

Professional Vacuuming

We all are well-aware of vacuum cleaning, as we normally do this by ourselves. Nevertheless, a professional vacuuming service is also provided by carpet cleaning companies. This process ensures the removal of maximum dirt before actual cleaning process is started.


At present, most of the Carpet cleaning companies utilize dry cleaning methods with a view to minimize the time required for cleaning. However, during intensive cleaning process, some kind of liquids are also used. With a view to drying your carpet in less anticipated time, heavy-duty fans are also used by these service providers.

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