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[8 Reasons] Why You Shouldn’t Steam Clean Carpets

8 reasons why you shouldn’t steam clean carpets

Algonquin Illinois Hot Carbonating Extraction ProcessA OK Chem-Dry is an advocate for healthy, non-chemical, fast drying carpet cleaning.  In this article we’ll explain why you shouldn’t steam clean carpets and the difference between steam cleaning and Chem-Dry’s proprietary Carbonating Cleaner.  Our all natural cleaner is applied using a low pressure spray machine, which covers your carpet with millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles. The carbonated bubbles makes dirt and grime release from the fibers of your carpet/rugs and raise to the surface where it is easily extracted and vacuumed away. Due to the minimal amount of moisture used, carpets cleaned the A OK Chem-Dry way are dry in only 1 to 2 hours!

The A OK Chem-Dry process differs substantially from that of steam cleaning, which simply douses your carpet/rugs in buckets of hot, soapy, chemically water, then attempt to suck it all back out. While this process does temporarily clean your carpets, it also leaves behind a layer of sticky, soapy residue which collects dirt quicker, in addition to leaving moisture at the base of your carpet. The excess of moisture causes the carpets to take longer to dry and allows for mold and bacteria to grow within your carpet and padding.

Overall, A OK Chem-Dry in Algonquin, Illinois offers a healthier, more thorough carpet cleaning experience.

So, without further ado, here are the 8 reasons why you shouldn’t steam clean carpets.

1.  Flat, Inactive Cleaning Solution

Carpet steamers often use soapy carpet cleaning solutions that mask odors and don’t penetrate deep down into the carpet thus leaving an unclean carpet that attracts more dirt and grime.

2.  High PH Cleaning Solution

High PH cleaning solutions are hard on the carpet fibers resulting in worn out carpets or after several uses; damaged carpets.

3.  Encourages Re-soiling

As stated above, steam cleaners leave a soapy residue that ends up being sticky after drying which in turn attracts more dirt and grime to stick to the carpet.

4.  High Water Quantity

Steam cleaning uses on average 90% more water resulting in longer drying times and a greater chance of mold and bacteria growing within the carpet fibers.

5.  High Pressure Application

Steam cleaning often uses high-pressure that causes a messy, ineffective carpet clean.  High water pressure can also break down your carpet and after multiple cleans start to destroy the carpet fibers.

6.  Long Drying Times

1-2 days is a typical dry time for steam cleaning.  This dry time renders your carpets and rooms unusable.

7.  Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not only bad for carpets, rugs and upholstery but are also bad for your loved ones and pets.  Don’t risk laying on carpet that is saturated in chemicals.

8.  Excessive Water

As stated above, steam cleaning uses a lot more water, resulting in longer dry times and an increased chance of having mold and bacteria grow in the carpet.

The Details Matter – A OK Chem-Dry in Algonquin, Illinois

Our patented, non-toxic cleaning solution uses millions of tiny carbonation bubbles to releases dirt and grime from your carpets. As the bubbles don't steam clean carpetsinvigorate carpet fibers, soil and stains are lifted to the surface and powerful suctions whisks them away. A OK Chem-Dry uses a minimal amount of moisture, so your carpets are fully dry and ready to enjoy in just 1 to 2 hours.

On the other hand, steam cleaners drench your carpets with gallons of soapy water and harsh cleaners before attempting to suck it all back out. They claim that their methods are more effective because of the amount of water they are using, but it causes more harm than good on your carpet investment. Your carpets might appear clean, but not for long. The layer of soapy residue left behind attracts stains and causes your carpets to get dirty much more quickly. Worst of all, steam cleaning can leave excessive amounts of moisture at the base of your carpets, requiring more time to dry and creating a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

A OK Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning system is simply healthier and more complete that steam cleaning. Overall, A OK Chem-Dry offers a healthier, more thorough carpet cleaning experience.

9 thoughts on “[8 Reasons] Why You Shouldn’t Steam Clean Carpets”

  1. What a totally ridiculous article which is totally biased towards you own way of cleaning which is not as effective. Steam cleaning has come along way with eco friendly products and a rinse afterward to keep carpets at the correct PH level. Nobody drenches the carpets unless you have not been trained- The machines have settings for various types of carpets and a very powerful suction so they will be dry in 1 hour. I wonder how much of Chem Dry’s Chemicals are left behind.

  2. Steam cleaning uses water not chemicals…? This entire article must be talking about carpet cleaners not steam because the only one that may have had validity was the high pressure..

  3. The article on Aokcarpetcleaning.com’s site offers insightful details on the disadvantages of steam cleaning carpets. It explains how using steam cleaning can harm carpets and encourage the development of mould, making it crucial to use different cleaning techniques. A great resource for anyone seeking to clean their carpets safely and effectively, the post is well-written and educational.

  4. Steam cleaning is versatile and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including hard floors, tiles, grout, carpets, upholstery, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures. It is particularly useful for areas that require frequent and thorough cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals.

  5. Nice content! Your article is very informative. I wanted this kind of information and finally, I found it. Thanks for sharing this information regarding the carpet cleaning service. I appreciate your work.

  6. Iv’e encountered Wicking many times that I’ve experienced the “Steam” Cleaners (No Steam involved) just litres of hot water, you wouldn’t wash your clothes in, because the heat alone would weaken the fibres of your clothes, never mind your carpets, it just degrades them with regular cleaning. Then very shortly after 2/3 days of waiting for them to dry, they become dirty very quickly
    This is known as Re-soiling or wicking, I’ve encountered this problem time and again. The “Steam” cleaning method is totally inconvenient and it just doesn’t stay clean.


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